The mission of the Minnesota International Chinese School is to develop lifelong learners and equip our learners to become 21st-century global citizens by carrying forward the Chinese language and culture in this diverse world.

The Minnesota International Chinese School is a welcoming community that embraces diversity in the school community. Our school staff members inspire and nurture all learners in exploring the beauty of the Chinese language and culture. Also, our school staff and our learners are committed and devoted to various community involvements in different occasions

Our member supported, non-profit, non-political association is dedicated to bringing the peoples of Japan and the United States closer together in mutual understanding, respect, and cooperation. Through programs and interchange we endeavor to promote an appreciation of cultural, educational, economic, public, and other affairs of interest to both peoples. Membership in the society is open to individuals, corporations, and other organizations interested in furthering its programs.

Supporting business relationships and providing a place where individuals can engage in Japanese cultural events is a driving force in JASM.

Founded in 1972, JASM is a member of the National Association of Japan-America Societies.

For the liberation of families

Over 17,000 Southeast Asians have received final orders of removal since 2002. We fight deportation cases in collaboration with attorneys, power builders, and other community organizations to return dignity and justice to our people.

The Minnesota Indonesia Society was founded in 1996 as a non-profit organization for promoting mutual understanding between the people of Minnesota and of Indonesia.

As an organization with memberships representing many fields, we work together to build and maintain a strong Indonesian community in Minnesota.  We focus on the social needs of our members and the people in Minnesota communities, while acting as source of information about its people, and its culture.

A Force For Unity

Founded in 1987 as a non-profit mutual assistance organization, the Vietnamese Social Services of Minnesota (VSS) is a multi-service agency with programs in health education and promotion, youth development, elder services, English proficiency, and employment and job training. All of these programs equip and empower individuals and families of all walks of life as they seek to become independent and thriving members of American society.